Clean Energy Brazil plc        
Company Activity: Clean Energy Brazil plc is an investment company, which offers the opportunity to participate in the prospective growth in the Brazilian sugar and ethanol sector.  
Address: IOMA House, Hope Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1AP  
Phone: 020 7972 6643        
Ticker code (shares): CEB        
Latest share price link:  
Ticker code (warrants): CEBW        
Latest warrant price link:  
Basic Terms of Warrants: One share at 100p on any day during the period commencing on the admission of the warrants to trading on AIM and ending on the fifth anniversary of that date (estimated expiry 18th December 2011).  
Number in issue: 25,000,000        
Additional Clauses:    
Annual Report:  
AIM Admission Document:  
Technical Data          
Latest Update: 16-Aug-07   Intrinsic Value: 13p  
Share Price: 113p   Gearing: 3.10x  
Warrant Price (mid): 36.5p   Premium: 20.80%  
Bid: 35p   CFP: 6.36%  
Offer: 38p   Market Capitalisation: 9,125,000  
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