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Warning. Investment Trusts may use or propose to use the borrowing of money to increase holdings of investments or invest in other securities with a similar strategy and as a result movements in the price of the securities may be more volatile than the movements in the price of underlying investments. Your investment may be subject to sudden and large falls in value and you may get back nothing at all. You should not buy shares or warrants with money you cannot afford to lose. You run an extra risk of losing money when you buy shares in certain smaller companies including 'penny shares'. There is a big difference between the buying price and the selling price of these shares. If you have to sell them immediately, you may get back much less than you paid for them. The price may change quickly, it may go down as well as up, and you may not get back the full amount invested. Changes in rates of exchange may have an adverse effect on the value or price of the investment in sterling terms. As with other investments, transactions in investment trust securities may also have tax consequences and on these you should consult your tax adviser. Options and other derivatives, warrants, and margined transactions. This warning notice draws your attention to some of the high risks associated with warrants. The risks attaching to instruments and transactions of this kind are usually different from, and can be much greater than, those attached to securities such as shares, loan stock and bonds, such transactions often having the characteristics of speculation as opposed to investment. Warrants may involve a high degree of 'gearing' or 'leverage'. This means that a small movement in the price of the underlying asset may have a disproportionately dramatic effect on your investment. A relatively small adverse movement in the price of the underlying asset can result in the loss of the whole of your original investment. Moreover, because of the limited life of warrants, they may expire worthless. A warrant is a right to subscribe for shares, debentures, loan stock or government securities, usually exercisable against the original issuer of the securities. Because of the high degree of gearing which they may involve, the prices of warrants can be volatile. Accordingly, you should not buy warrants with money you cannot afford to lose. In certain circumstances it may be difficult to sell or realise the investment. Because of the volatile nature of the investment, a fall in its value could result in your recovering nothing at all. We have taken all reasonable care to ensure that all statements of fact and opinion contained in this publication are fair and accurate in all material respects. Figures for net asset values and historical track records supplied by Thomson Financial, Fundamental Data, the AIC, Cazenove, or by the trusts themselves. Investors should seek appropriate professional advice if any points are unclear. This material is intended to give general advice only, and the investments mentioned are not necessarily suitable for any individual. The publisher's associate may have an interest in some of the shares mentioned in this newsletter. It is possible that officers of the McHattie Group may have a beneficial holding in any of the shares or warrants mentioned in this newsletter. Andrew McHattie, the editor of this service, is responsible for the preparation of the research recommendations contained within. Published by The McHattie Group, St Brandon's House, 29 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5QT. Tel: 01179 200 070. Fax: 01173 179 493. E-Mail: Web Site: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photographic, or otherwise without the prior permission of the copyright holder. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.